A Family Journey

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Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Greater Washington, DC
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1 00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:02,030 [Intro music] [Hand draws mom holding baby.] 2 00:00:02,031 --> 00:00:06,030 >>Woman: When your child is sick, you want the best care possible. 3 00:00:06,031 --> 00:00:11,030 Even if it is hundreds or thousands of miles away. [Drawing of map with route from Home to the Hospital.] 4 00:00:11,031 --> 00:00:17,0001 That's why Ronald McDonald Houses provide a 'Home Away From Home' for little to no cost. [Drawing of Ronald McDonald House of Washington, DC.] 5 00:00:17,002 --> 00:00:22,000 For families to access specialized medical treatment. [Drawing of a House Manager opening the door for a family.] 6 00:00:22,001 --> 00:00:27,010 Whether their stay is short or long, families find relief in knowing that food, lodging, and transportation are taken care of. [Drawing of car and shuttle bus.] 7 00:00:27,011 --> 00:00:33,059 So that they can be together and focus on their sick child. [Drawing of family in the hospital.] 7 00:00:34,000 --> 00:00:39,000 Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Greater Washington, DC. Keeping Families Close. 8 00:00:39,001 --> 00:00:45,000 Learn more at rmhcdc.org.
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