Give Life

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American Red Cross
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[2 women and 1 female child in a children’s daycare setting] Text on Screen: DISASTER RELIEF Woman 1: “Leyla! We’re so glad to have you back! Who’s this?” Child: “This is Riz. She makes me feel better.” (showing American Red Cross stuffed toy) [2 women pushing strollers down tree-lined sidewalk] Text on Screen: TRAINING AND CERTIFICATION Woman 1: “Your babysitter is only 16, and she knows CPR?” Woman 2: “That’s why I hired her.” [2 women in kitchen, 1 woman pregnant] Text on Screen: HELPING MILITARY FAMILIES Woman 1: “They got in touch with his commander. They’re bringing him home. He’s gonna make it on time.” Voice Over (female) “Every day, the American Red Cross helps thousands of people.” [2 young adults walk outside a Community Center, male in casual clothing, female in Lifeguard sweatshirt] [2 female young adults looking at laptop at entrance to Blood Drive] [2 men -one older, one younger- outside a home painting a fence] Man 1: “It’s not the things we lost I remember, it’s the kindness and generosity that was given to us.” Text on screen with changing last word in sentence: The American Red Cross gives hope… comfort… smiles… a new day… LIFE. Voice Over (female) “With your support, the American Red Cross gives life. How can you help? Go to”
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