The Seeds Difference

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Seeds of Literacy
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Script to accompany Video Submission to the CFC Virtual Fair From: Seeds of Literacy, Cleveland OH CFC Number: 25671 Video entitled: THE SEEDS DIFFERENCE (Note: there is no voiceover on this video. The script follows each slide and describes how Seeds of Literacy’s program differs from a traditional classroom approach to learning.) Slide 1) THE SEEDS DIFFERENCE!!! (Title card reads “The Seeds Difference) Slide 2) No teacher up front (Graphic shows outline of a teacher pointing at the whiteboard) Slide 3) JUST ONE TO ONE TUTORS (Picture of a Seeds Tutor working one on one with a student)) Slide 4) No rigid schedule (Drawing of a calendar) Slide 5) COME WHEN YOU CAN!!!! Monday through Thursday - 9 to 11am; 1pm to 3pm; 6pm to 8pm (Picture of a tutor and student working together with class times superimposed.) Slide 6) No waiting for your classmates (Drawing of a student and an hourglass.) Slide 7: LEARN AT YOUR OWN SPEED (picture of a student reading with the caption “Learn at your own speed” superimposed.) Slide 8: No deadline to graduate (Drawing of an hourglass.) Slide 9: TAKE AS LONG AS YOU NEED!!! (Picture of a Seeds’ Site Coordinator/Supervising Teacher and a graduate holding the student’s diploma) Slide 10: No expensive Classes (Drawing of a bag of money.) Slide 11: SEEDS’ IS 100% FREE!! (picture of a smiling student and “Seeds is 100% FREE” is superimposed on the picture) Slide 12: No Wait to start (Drawing of a calendar) Slide 13: SEEDS HAS WEEKLY ORIENTATIONS FOR NEW STUDENTS!!! (Picture of a Seeds’ student with “weekly orientations’ superimposed.) Slide 14: SHOULDN’T YOUR EDUCATION BE AS UNIQUE AS YOU?? (Picture of a large number of white push pins with ONE green pin in the middle.) Slide 15: SEEDS OF LITERACY (Final Slide shows the Seeds’ name, the Seeds Logo and the website address) LOGO
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