How far does your donation go?

Several CFC-supported charities and organizations have provided statistics to show exactly what happens with a pledge! Check out some of these examples below to see how much of a difference your donation makes.

Additional statements will be included as they are received throughout the 2018 Campaign. Come back soon for more insight!

Animal Related

$35 provides one rescue dog with a warm bed.
$108 helps save critically endangered animals.
$125 sponsors a pet adopting at a local humane shelter.


$10 buys 50 books for preschoolers in a metropolitan area.
$50 fills four backpacks with school supplies for kids in military families.
$50 sends a box of books to a classroom in Africa.
$50 tutors a child in reading and writing for an entire year.
$80 ships 20 pounds of reading materials overseas.
$100 buys 50 children's books to promote literacy.


$10 provides a woman with develop basic technology skills, a new suit, and career counseling to help secure her job placement.
$35 creates a new resume for a job seeker.
$50 secures jobs for four veterans.
$300 pays for a service member to attend a career opportunity day, helping them reintegrate into the private sector.


$25 protects 25-feet coastline.
$100 plants 100 trees.

Food, Agriculture & Nutrition

$25 buys garden seeds and tools for two families.
$25 provides two chickens to give children and families a lasting source of income and nutrition.
$80 purchases chickens and goats for a family to produce eggs and milk.
$125 provides a family in poverty with goats and a garden starter kit.

Health Care

$65 vaccinates a single person to prevent or fight off malaria.
$100 buys three first-aid kits, 24 blankets, and 10 surgical scissors used for basic and emergency health care.

Housing & Shelter

$53 provides a safe and secure place to stay overnight for women leaving domestic violence.
$100 buys one toilet, two hard hats, and three hammers to support housing development for families across the United States.
$100 provides an abandoned child with food and shelter for one week.
$1950 improves a home for an entire family, including furniture, electricity, structure stabilization, glass windows, and indoor plumbing.

Human Services

$5 provides 25 meals for a family of four.
$35 provides an individual with hearing loss access to educational opportunities, discounts on products, support, and more.
$100 buys 10 mosquito nets to protect families in Africa from the transmission of malaria.
$150 buys a crib and a mattress for new parents.

International, Foreign Affairs & National Security

$10 feeds a child in a refugee camp for three weeks.

Medical Research

$50 provides an hour of medical research.
$50 supports current cancer research and evaluation for new drugs.

Mental Health & Crisis Intervention

$30 provides one 30-minute crisis line chat for a troubled teen.
$85 supports a four-day summer camp for an at-risk young woman, helping her to gain self-confidence, acquire life skills, and learn to protect herself.

Philanthropy, Voluntarism & Grant Making Foundations

$500 provides accommodations for a family with a child being treated for cancer.

Public & Societal Benefit

$150 establishes a waste management facility for a school in a developing country.
$620 builds a new bathroom for a family in Nicaragua - with running water, plumbing, and proper clean facilities.

Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness Relief

$30 provides a family of three with health kits following a disaster.
$250 buys a helmet for a rescue worker.

Recreation & Sports

$10 provides one hour of after-school sports coaching for public school kids in a metropolitan area.


$5 buys one new Bible. $50 provides training resources for two college campuses to organize a day of interfaith youth service.

Youth Development

$50 provides a week’s worth of supplies for a student attending a summer camp for development.
$60 provides take-home rations for girls enrolled at school for six months; allowing her to continue education without worrying about feeding herself or her family.
$100 pays for a year of after school enrichment for a middle schooler in a metropolitan area.
$240 provides a child with access to a computer skills class.